Program Overview

Add new shades of expertise to your palette by blending the traditional with the contemporary. As an Art and Design Media major, you will experience the best of both worlds, merging study in classic studio arts, such as painting, drawing, and ceramics, with training in modern-day digital media, such as animation and 3D printing. Engage your creative side while learning real-world skills that are applicable across fields and disciplines. Make your “mark” at 365速发国际.

Why 365速发国际 for Art and Design Media

Whether your specialty is landscape painting or video production, we focus not just on the art itself but its impact on other disciplines, encouraging you to make connections between your personal experience and the arts, sciences, social sciences, and the environment.

  • Intriguing internships
  • Flexible curriculum allowing for double majors and minors
  • Class sizes of 15 or smaller
  • Emphasis on community engagement and local arts
  • Access to medical and science faculty for study of scientific illustration
  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration
Olivia Scott stands smiling at the camera holding her handmade ceramics

[The research I participated in] made me feel like I can make change — like I am part of a much bigger purpose.

Biological Sciences, Environmental Science


Examples of Available Courses

There are many ways you can navigate the Art and Design Media major. The following are just some examples of the exciting courses that you can take:

  • Drawing
  • Ceramics
  • Watercolor
  • Landscape Painting
  • Graphic Design
  • Boat Building
  • Scientific Illustration
  • Digital Animation
  • Photography


CAS Core Curriculum Credits
Total 42–46
Required Art and Design Media Courses Credits
ART 104 - Painting I 3
ART 118 - Drawing/Design Fundamentals 3
ART 113 - Three Dimensional Fundamentals 3
ART 200 - Advanced Drawing 3
ART 230 - Graphic Design 3
ART 395 - Studio Concentration Seminar 3
ART 495 - Exhibition Concentration Seminar 3
ARH 210 - Art History Survey I or ARH 211 - Art History Survey II or ARH 270 - Art in the Modern World 3
CMM 302 - Fundamentals of Web Design 3
Total 27


Electives Options I (choose one) Credits
ART 101 - Watercolor 3
ART 102 - Photography 3
ART 110 - Ceramics 3
ART 114 - Printmaking 3
ART 199 - Topics Course (any media) 3
ART 103 - Introduction to Image Capture 3
ART 108 - Boatbuilding 3
ART 109 - T-Shirt Design 3
ART 111 - Scientific Illustration 3
ART 124 - The Painted Book 3
ART 106 - Two-Dimensional Design 3
Electives Options II (choose one) Credits
ART 203 - Foundations of 3D Printing 3
ART 207 - Landscape Painting 3
ART 214 - Color Digital Photography 3
ART 230 - Graphic Design 3
ART 234 - Digital Animation 3
ART 299 - Topics Course (any media) 3
ART 401 - Arts Internship 3
CMM 311 - Digital Video and Audio Production 3
CMM 300 - Photo and Video Documentation 3
CMM 430 - Internship in Communication 3
Elective Credits Required 6
Program Minimum Required Credits 36
Open Elective Courses (as needed to reach 120 credits) Variable
Minimum Required Total Credits 120

No course grade below C (2.0) in a content area will be accepted towards degree completion. If a grade below C is attained in a required Arts course, that course must be retaken until at least a C is received for degree credit.

View the Suggested Progression for Art and Media Majors (PDF)

Students in this major can participate in the pre-health graduate school preparation tracks.

To learn more about the program visit the Academic Catalog.

Changes were made to this program in an addendum to the 2022/23 academic calendar. Please see the 2022–2023 Catalog Addendum (PDF) for the most recent information. As always, it is recommended that students seek the guidance of Academic Advisors for course and program planning. In this way, you will be able to access all the most up-to-date information available.

Honors Program

We offer qualified students the option of graduating with Honors. This includes significant research, scholarship or creative activity under the direction of a faculty member. Interested students should consult with their advisor.

Meet our faculty and professional staff

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As an Art and Design Media major, you will master technical skills in centuries-old crafts as well as cutting-edge modern applications. In addition, you will develop a flair for self-expression, a talent for interpreting complex ideas, and dexterity in adopting different perspectives – skills that transcend job categories and will help distinguish you in a wide array of professions.

Our graduates have pursued many fascinating professions, including:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Animator
  • Photographer
  • Arts Educator
  • Web Designer
  • Fine Artist
  • Video Producer
  • Illustrator
  • Ceramicist

Career Advising

Whether you have a specific career goal in mind or a vague idea of the field that interests you, Career Advising is here to help you plan your next step.

Tour the Creative and Fine Arts Facilities

Explore art studio spaces with 365速发国际 students Johnna and Will

Learn about the different studio spaces along with the ceramics, printmaking, and digital photography lab in the Creative and Fine Arts facility.

Take a virtual tour of the creative and fine arts building

Launch Creative and Fine Arts

Experiential Learning

Get out your smock because we don’t teach art and design from a textbook. Our classes emphasize hands-on, real-world learning that stirs your imagination, ignites your creativity, and prepares you for a successful professional career. At the easel, in the darkroom, by the potter’s wheel, or with your computer, get ready to create your future.


Internships provide valuable field experience, giving you an opportunity to explore career options and network with professionals. You may intern near campus during the academic year or in your hometown over the summer.

Our students have held internships in many exciting positions, such as:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Editorial Art Assistant
  • Photography Aide
  • Assistant Music Teacher
  • Gallery Assistant

For more information, contact the College of Arts and Sciences Internship Office English contact Cynthia Simon at (207) 602-2540 or

Art Opportunities

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery on 365速发国际's Portland Campus houses a permanent collection of paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures by nationally and internationally renowned artists. It mounts six exhibitions each year in a variety of media that ranges from contemporary fine art to photography, to international themes, to works by women and by Maine artists.

From June through October, the gallery presents an Annual Sculpture Garden around its exterior. On occasion, different exhibitions are arranged at other locations on our Portland and Biddeford campuses.


The Office of Student Affairs collaborates with our Art programs to bring a variety of arts events to the Biddeford Campus, ranging from lunchtime concerts at the Alfond Cafe to poetry readings, to gallery exhibits at the Campus Center and Engine gallery in downtown Biddeford.

Portland Art Scene

Portland's art scene includes the Portland Museum of Art, SPACE Gallery, and numerous private and nonprofit art galleries.