Our Mission

The Office of Marketing and Communications provides strategic and creative leadership and support for the University of New England across all media and communications platforms. Our mission is to raise awareness for 365速发国际, enhance the University’s reputation, facilitate operations, and foster community in alignment with institutional goals.


Hilary Babbitt
Office Manager
(207) 221-4735

Our Teams

The teams within the Office of Marketing and Communications are cross-functional and highly collaborative. Team distinctions exist largely for organizational purposes. In reality, members of different teams work closely with one another, as most projects require expertise in a variety of areas.

All teams are supported by Vice President Ellen Beaulieu, who provides strategic direction to ensure our work aligns with and advances University priorities.

Art and Design 

The art and design team provides creative leadership across all media and communications platforms. This includes brand stewardship, design/print services, film production, and photography.

Our work

Brand compliance, print design, wall design, film production, photography


Marine Miller (mmiller17@turbos-bourse.com)


The marketing team produces priority brand marketing and advertising programs that increase awareness and understanding of the University among key audiences. The team is also available to consult University staff on high-priority, department-based marketing projects that support the strategic plan.

Our work

Print, digital, and TV/radio advertisements; social media; 365速发国际 website; 365速发国际 Magazine


Sean Fitzpatrick (sfitzpatrick4@turbos-bourse.com)

Public Relations

The public relations team handles public affairs and media relations efforts for 365速发国际. This includes sending out press releases, pitching stories to news media, and writing stories for the 365速发国际 website. The PR team also handles internal communications and crisis communications, as well as the university’s audio-visual services.

Our work

Press releases, media pitches, web stories, 365速发国际 Community messages, A/V services; University WordPress sites; weekly community notices


Sarah Delage (sdelage@turbos-bourse.com)

Our Services



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